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About Us

Tunas Unggul was founded as a manifestation of the noble desire to educate the nation’s children, civilize them, make them noble, skilled and have a global outlook.

Tunas Unggul School understands that a more challenging future requires strong leaders. Therefore, Tunas Unggul School prepares every child and buys them with nobility of attitude, strength of character, scientific intelligence, emotional prowess, and various life skills. the basic gamma of all the provision above which is internalized and practiced in life at school and at home

Our Program

Interactive Unit

This program is one of the realizations of integrated learning

Character Building

This activity aims to explore students' leadership potential. Students will be directed, guided and provided with the basics of leadership.

Spiritual Program

This program is related to one of the school's missions, which is to form a religious generation

Literacy Empowerment

This program is a special program to increase students' interest in reading and writing

Why Tunas Unggul?



We have representative support facilities, selected teachers who are dedicated and competent, the learning process is balanced and optimizes students’ potential spiritually, character, cognitively, and skills with strong support from all stake holders.

Our Best Curricullum



The Tunas Unggul Middle School Curriculum uses the National Curriculum and adapts the International curriculum which is known as the Middle School Program (MSP). These two curricula are combined and have been created specifically as a special curriculum program for SMP Tunas Unggul

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Upacara Peringatan Hari Guru Nasional 2019 di SMP Tunas Unggul.

SMP Tunas Unggul Monthly Awards Oktober-November 2019

Upacara Peringatan Hari Guru Nasional 2019 di SMP Tunas Unggul.

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