School Environment


About Us

We understand that junior high school students are in their teens which is a transitional period from childhood to adulthood. At this time the child’s psychological condition is very volatile so it requires attention, affection, and proper guidance. The environment has a very big role in their development. Therefore, Tunas Unggul Middle School always strives to create a conducive and comfortable learning atmosphere. The interaction process between teacher-students is created like parents-children, siblings, even best friends, according to the situation and conditions and adapts to their needs.


Why Choose us


  • Adequate educational support facilities: library, laboratory, indoor and outdoor sports fields, mosque, psychology room
  • Selected teachers who are dedicated and competent in their fields
  • Interactive learning process, prioritizing life skills and meaningful learning; learning focuses on developing potential and strengthening character.

Our Mission


  • To become a superior school that gives birth to individuals with character, noble character, smart, skilled, and have a global outlook.
  • Realizing graduates who are smart, skilled, innovative, creative, have character, have noble character, and are ready to compete in the future both locally and globally.
  • Realizing the best school in the development of multi-potential students.
  • Creating a multi-media learning school.
  • Realizing a two-language school as a capital in relations between nations.
  • Creating a conducive, safe and comfortable school environment.
  • Creating optimal facilities and infrastructure for the implementation of effective learning.
  • Realizing schools with intensive and in-depth Islamic religious education services.
  • Realizing schools with the competence of principals, teachers, and professional staff.
  • Realizing superior school-based management.
  • Realizing diversity in the assessment of student potential, talent, and achievement.
    Better prepare students for higher education.
  • Involve the community in the development of students, teachers, and parents.

Our Visions


Tunas Unggul Middle School is a school with a far-reaching vision, to become a superior school that gives birth to individuals with character, noble character, intelligence, skills, and a global outlook.