School Environment


About Us

We understand that junior high school students are in their teens which is a transitional period from childhood to adulthood. At this time the child’s psychological condition is very volatile so it requires attention, affection, and proper guidance. The environment has a very big role in their development. Therefore, Tunas Unggul Middle School always strives to create a conducive and comfortable learning atmosphere. The interaction process between teacher-students is created like parents-children, siblings, even best friends, according to the situation and conditions and adapts to their needs.


Why Choose us


  • Adequate educational support facilities: library, laboratory, sports field, mosque, psychology room.
  • Selected teachers who are dedicated and have competence in their fields.
  • Interactive learning process, prioritizing life skills and meaningful learning; learning focuses on developing potential and strengthening character.

Our Visions


Tunas Unggul Middle School is to develop students spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually which then enables them to adapt and contribute in a global world.

Our Missions


  • Cultivating faith, piety, and noble character of students
  • Developing self and social awareness
  • Improving knowledge, insight, and students’ critical thinking
  • Strengthening students’ language literacy, numeracy, communication and use of technology and
  • Developing active, compassionate, lifelong learners and global citizens