Extracurricular activities are held as a means of self-actualization. All students are automatically participants in extracurricular scouting. Therefore, Scouting is an extracurricular activity that must be followed by all SMP Tunas Unggul students. The scouting agenda itself is held on Tuesdays every week. The inclusion of scouting in learning at SMP Tunas Unggul aims to train students’ leadership spirit. Through scouting, students are expected to have a personality that is faithful, pious, noble, patriotic, law-abiding, disciplined, upholds the noble values of the nation, life skills, and physically and mentally healthy.

Apart from scouting, students can choose other extracurricular activities according to their interests. Some extracurricular activities include qurani, futsal, basketball, badminton, cinematic, public speaking, archery, photography, robotic, silat, vocal, and dance. There are also various clubs that accommodate students’ talents in journalism (Reaction) as well as in science (science club). These activities are held regularly once a week.