In addition to the programs in MSP, there are also other excellent programs created to support the potential of all Tunas Unggul Junior High School students. These programs include the Ruhiyah Program, the Literacy Empowerment Program, and the English Language Program.

Literacy Empowerment Program

The Literacy Empowerment Program. This program is specifically designed to increase students’ interest in reading and writing. In addition, this program is also present as a support for all subjects, especially those based on written text. The reading program is conducted regularly once a week. The students have their own reading targets.

Ruhiyah Program

Next is the ruhiyah program is a special program that focuses on the religious field, related to one of the school’s missions, which is to form a religious generation. In this case, the ruhiyah program focuses on the formation and development of student characteristics, given the diversity of student characteristics based on differences in basic personality, parenting, culture and environment. The program consists of daily, weekly, monthly, semester, and annual programs. As evidence of the synergy between school and parents, the school works together to monitor daily worship (proven by a special ruhiyah book) including fiqh prayer, recitation, tahfiz juz 30 and 29, daily activity agenda, and community service.

English Development Program

In addition to the above programs, there is also a program that focuses on English language skills. Considering that the need to speak English has now become an urgency, SMP Tunas Unggul designed a program as an effort to help improve students’ understanding and skills in English. This program is called English Development Program.