SMP Tunas Unggul uses the National Curriculum and adapts the International curriculum called the Middle School Program (MSP). These two curricula are combined and have been specially created as a typical curriculum program of SMP Tunas Unggul. In practice, this learning curriculum is realized in various forms of interesting activities.


At the beginning of learning, all students will carry out matriculation activities. Matriculation itself is a preparation and debriefing activity for students before participating in regular activities at SMP Tunas Unggul. In addition, matriculation is also one of the activities of a series of student orientation periods about school concepts, learning concepts, and school culture.

Interactive Unit (IU)

After matriculation, students will follow an integrated learning program called Interactive Unit (IU). In each semester, each level will have a master theme that accommodates multiple subjects with one common project. The culmination of this program is usually a project presentation or product exhibition. In this program, the school also facilitates students with outings, field trips, and guest teachers.

MSP Personal Project

Then, as a final activity at the end of the level, all Level 9 students will develop a project called the MSP Persona Project. In this program, students are challenged to conduct simple research on a popular topic of interest or create a product which is then presented to the examiner and the whole school community.

SMA Preparation

In addition, to prepare students for high school, SMP Tunas Unggul has also developed a special SMA Preparation program to prepare students physically and mentally for the exam period, including academic preparation, social skills, and advanced school selection strategies.